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Are you easy?

You know what’s easy?


I want to let you dolls in on a little secret — you’re better than you think. Life is pretty fucking rough, 2016 has been bullshit and most days I don’t want to get out of fucking bed, but if you’re anything like the rest of society, sometimes ya gotta get that fine ass up and get to gettin’.

For the last 29 years, I’ve been trying to figure out how to suck less and live a lil more. As part of this impossible quest, I’ve looked for inspiration from some of the truly amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of encountering along this crazy expedition we call life. So here’s what I’ve got for you today — seven simple ways to not be a piece of shit and maybe find a minute of happiness.

Start and End With You

Do you and do it a few times a day. Make a point to start your day and end it with something you love. We are all so incredibly busy that we often forget to take care of no. 1. Don’t forget you. Pet your dog, say hi to your cat, meditate, go for a walk. If you put a smile on that beautiful mug of yours first thing in the morning and at the end of the night, you might just find it bleeds into real life.

Be Nice, Be Mean, Be You

While I don’t actually encourage you to be mean, if you’re not a ray of sunshine, don’t sweat it. No one likes a phony, and fake nice is bullshit. Be authentic. You don’t have to fake you to find your people. You don’t have to fake you to be accepted. I promise if you just let your freak flag fly, you’ll simply feel better.

Don’t Break It, Smash It

Every single day women face stereotypes, expectations and mansplaining. We combat these things in a variety of ways — listening, answering, being polite, etc. A wise rapper once said

“Ima Pick the world up and Ima drop it on your fuckin’ head.”Lil Wayne

And I ask you today, why not?

Break the mold.


Test your boundaries. Every day, take one thing to the limit — when you hit that glass ceiling, hit it so hard that Marian Wright Edelman, Rosa Parks and every other OG bad bitch gets up outta their grave and gives you a standing ovation.

Never Stop Learning

As bae always says

“I’m not perfect, but I try.”Slug, Atmosphere

Things are never perfect, but personal growth is progress. Feeling stuck? Feeling stagnant? Learn something. You don’t have to go back to school, you don’t have to read a text book, but you can learn. Learning can happen anywhere. Read a magazine, read a book, watch a video, talk to a professional you admire, find a hobby, but absolutely never quit being curious.

Let It Go

I’m so ridiculously guilty of not doing this that I deserve to be punched in the face for even suggesting it to others. I’m a dweller. I think, analyze, replay and constantly want to alter how I’ve acted or responded in certain situations. But mamasita, that shit ain’t good for your soul. You have to let go, you have to find the “fuck it” button and move on. You’re not doing anyone any favors by looking backward.

Get Loose

I go through these spurts of exercise. I’ve run a marathon and several half marathons, I’ve done hours of yoga a week and sometimes I do basically no physical activity at all. However, one thing that I do do on the regular is dance. Some of you may not think it looks much like I’m dancing, but generally speaking, I’m gyrating to some sort of music. I might look absolutely ridiculous (shout out to my neighbors for their silent judgment), but I feel better. How fucking cool is that? Let go, get loose. Do it. I dare you.

Have a Conversation

Not just any conversation, but a conversation with your head and heart. People are always talking all this bullshit like women are too emotional like it’s some kind of sickness. But do you know what happens when you bottle all that shit up and bury it in the great abyss? I’ll tell you — nothing good. I’ve lost partners and friends because instead of being honest with myself, instead of communicating with no. 1, I kept it like a secret until I found a bottle of whiskey and a dark corner where I could slur my words and pretend I felt OK. That’s fucked up right?

Don’t be fucked up, be the fucking queen.

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