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It’s been awhile.

Almost four months to be exact.

I can hardly believe it’s been so long, but I desperately needed the hiatus.

I’ve been feeling so so so burnt out.

Burnt out Sleaze Dolls, burnt out on the motorcycle community, burnt out on my career and businesses, burnt out on just about every part of life.

I needed to take a little breather to decide if this was something I still wanted to do. Something I still cared about.

You’re here because like me, you fucking love motorcycles. But sometimes, that scene is so exhausting. I’ve been feeling that exhaustion, bad. Feeling like I need to be at every event. Feeling like I’m not cool enough to ride motorcycles. Feeling like it’s been the Lisa show and I’m standing over here yelling at you with a megaphone.

In The Beginning…

God created heaven and motorcycles. Heaven obviously being the perfect place to ride motorcycles — but you already know that story.

In the beginning of Sleaze Dolls, Kimmie and I started this venture together. I REALLY did not want to do this alone. But, Kimmie’s accident put her in a whole different place. Instead of wondering where we would ride next, she was wondering if motorcycles are even worth riding. All while I’m wondering what t-shirt we should design next.

Life is bigger than t-shirts and moto scenes and the who’s who of Instagram.

I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say, we’ve got a lot of big freaking dreams.

Sleaze Dolls is only one of the many things I want to do with my time and talents.

Personally, I wanted to start this because of my love of writing and the luck I had when it came to bikes. I’ve been so lucky (#blessed) to know people who know about bikes. Without them, I still would not know how to change my oil (because who can really follow instructions from a YouTube video).

I wanted to start this site as a place for us all to have an open dialogue about the shit we learn along the road.

I had a moment where I got really torn, wanting to make this less personal and way more educational. But the thing is, this is personal.

And Then What Happened?

So now what?!

We’re back.

More importantly, Kimmie is back. Which means everything is better for everyone.

She’s an inspiring individual who’s got a bitchin’ story to tell. And I can’t wait for you to hear it directly from her.

With that in mind, I want to hear from you.

This conversation isn’t one-sided. This is a conversation.

We started this to ignite the lady riding community and to unite the dark, twisty, and sleazy ladies around the world.

Have a story to tell?

Have a photo to share?

Want to make a video?

Send it to me personally at

The future of Sleaze Dolls is collaborative and I very much want to read, hear, and see your contributions to this badass lil community of women riders.

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