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It’s true, if you have never read about my accident, well, I was in one.

It changed my life so fucking much, holy shit, thinking about this last year of my life makes my head spin!

If there’s one thing I always felt was missing this year, it was my motorcycle, this community, girl gangs, dudes who don’t think they’re too cool to ride with chicks, and everyone in between. I won’t begin to pretend my life is back in order, far from it … but on Sunday, April 8 a missing piece returned!

I knew I wanted another motorcycle, and of course, once you have a Harley…. can you really NOT have a Harley?

(Reminds me of the time an old coworker who rode sport bikes and had never been on a Harley. He took mine out for a couple of minutes, came back, and said “well now I get why people ride those things.”)

But … what kind of bike do I get? 

Before my accident, I was feeling a major need to upgrade from a Sportster to a Dyna or Softail. That 6th speed was calling my name for those long freeway trips … and in a perfect world (one where I’m rich and life is fabulous) I would have that big bike and a Sporty I could hardtail/chop/have way more fun with.

I digress, I’m not rich, so I decided it was probably best to start back on something I was familiar with, another Sportster. So, the first bike I go to check out turns into a sort of wild goose chase/communication fail. The second bike, oh man, that was a story for itself. Let’s just say this guy did not want to sell his precious bike to me! But that’s all fine and dandy, I said to myself, I’m not in a rush, the money is here when the right bike comes along I’ll get it, but being the obsessive freak that I am, I set some Craigslist post notifications juuuuuuust in case one gets posted. Of course in a few days, MY bike gets posted. It was a killer deal, beautiful, clean, shiny Sportster only a few years newer than my last one … best believe I text that guy within minutes of his posting.

 Herein lays the problem, I WAS SCARED TO RIDE IT HOME!!

I felt confident enough going alone and checking it out mechanics-wise (not that I’m an expert), and I’m okay with the whole inevitable negotiation aspect of a Craigslist sale, BUT the bike was a solid 30 miles from my house … there was just no freaking way I was riding it home myself!

Luckily my good friend (and obviously fellow lady rider) Kristin, who I lovingly refer to as the crazy chick who rides the giant ass bagger (I’m absolutely impressed she rides that thing and very intimidated by it), agreed to come with me and ride my new baby home. Well, actually ride it to her house where I kept it until I was ready to ride it home myself.

Of course, when we get back to Kristin’s place, I gotta get on this bike and see how I feel!

So I was like alright let’s start in the parking lot, see how I feel … yeah … I don’t know what I was so worried about it was like I never skipped a beat.

Ok, ok, I was definitely rusty, nervous, and needed the practice but I said to Kristin, “okay let’s do some roads.”

Kristin was gracious enough to take me out around her neighborhood, up some twisty residential hills and some higher speed main roads. I SERIOUSLY FELT GREAT! I probably had the biggest shit eating grin going on under my helmet I was so damn happy to be back. 

Immediately I had to post on social media of course that I was back!

And right away I rallied some of the old girl gang together to get a small group ride going the following Sunday. Someone met me at my bike Sunday morning and got on the freeway with me again for the first time. We met up for coffee with the other girls and headed out on an easy route ME AS THE LEADER (again) to Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, which if you haven’t been there and come to San Diego, it’s a must. It’s my favorite place in all of San Diego. Then we headed up the coast line/highway 101 to Encinitas for lunch. First freeway ride, first group ride… DONE. IM BACK.

Also, to touch base on a topic I have previously brought up, gear and also a promise I made to my mom about riding again, wearing it … I was left with a tough decision to make, for two reasons:

Reason one: I’m plus size, on the larger end of the spectrum and there’s NOT a lot of options for riding gear for me.

Reason two: I might not be plus size – or at least this plus size – for much longer as part of my recovery process has been me working on my overall health, losing weight and deciding to go forward with having weight loss surgery (which should drastically help my knee injury). So if I do buy riding gear ($$$) it’s not going to fit me for too terribly long…

I bit the bullet and opted for a pair of GoGo Gear leggings, their plus sizes run true to size, unlike their straight sizes which run small, so I decided to order a size smaller than I am currently wearing since I’m actively losing weight already. I also ordered an armored hoodie because jackets never fit me. I received my items in the mail this week, I haven’t ridden with them yet, but I’m SO impressed by the fit of both items I got. I can’t thank this company enough for making such a great product with a wide range of sizes! As I lose weight I will definitely be replacing my leggings and continuing to support their business.

While like I said, getting another bike filled a missing piece I lost last year. My journey isn’t over just yet. I have a lot of recovery to do with my knee still, more surgery, and my life in general to get back in order too- but getting back on a bike was HUGE and proved even when the odds all seem stacked against you if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything. Sappy – I know- but that’s where I’m at in life now lol!

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