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There’s not a whole lot that will get me out of bed early on a cold ass, slightly rainy Saturday morning in January — moto shit might be at the top of that short list, though.

I opted for a 4-wheel ride out to Temecula with my girl Ari, who recently bought her first motorcycle (a bad ass 70s Honda CB-somethingorother). We were both excited to go to the Biltwell sale and had a slight game plan in mind — she needed a helmet so she can start practicing on her new baby, and well, I didn’t NEED shit, but I wanted a helmet and anything else that sparked my interest.

Get There Early

We headed out of San Diego a little after 7:30 am and got to Biltwell around 8:15 am. Once there, we headed straight to the line which was at least 50-60 deep already. A couple other ‘San Diego Moto Girls’ gals met up with us shortly after we got in line — Michelle, Kristin (who braved the cold and rode up) and Carolyn (with her cutie son Daniel). Shortly thereafter, we also ran into some of the Inland Empire Lita’s, and Connie from ‘Talk Moto’!

As promised, the line started moving at 9 am as they let groups in to grab shit.

A Few Rules

Cash only and four items max per shopper — kinda stoked on that, product lasted long enough for everyone to find something. There were four large wooden shop tables, three of which were covered in helmets, and it seemed like one was all ‘bonanza’ style 3/4 helmets, the other was the OG ‘gringo’ full face, and the third ‘Gringo s’ style – which I’m partial to because you can flip up the visor up and down on them, which allows for a more customized riding experience. The 4th table had miscellaneous parts and gear, few boxes of xs and s gloves, all the same style and mustard-y color, a handful of men’s black denim vests, a plethora of seats (labeled with the make/model and years they would fit), stacks of handle bars and then some random parts like license plate holders and throttles etc. There was one more hidden table with random visors and goggles that I didn’t see until I was already in line and heading towards checking out.

I quickly grabbed a helmet in my size and even got the color I wanted (Matte oxblood) and Ari got the same too. Then I looked around at the other things, grabbed some handlebars and mulled over in my head if I really wanted them… I ended up putting them down.

I decided to check out the seats, but there was nothing for my current bike, a 2003 Sportster. However, I am planning on getting myself a second bike in the coming months so I grabbed a seat good for a 2006+ Dyna – a little inspiration/motivation to get my ass that second bike!

The Lowdown

Ok, so you’re probably wondering about the important stuff- what were the prices like?

I didn’t scope out the prices for the other helmets, but I got my new ‘gringo s’ which retails for $199 for $80, the seat retails for $199 and I paid $40. The handlebars all seemed to be $20 and I think they range from $100+, gloves were $10 and $40 regular price. All in all, super awesome deals and well worth the early morning hour long trip up from San Diego to Temecula.

There were also loads of vendors set up outside with products for sale and even a couple swap meet style vendors selling used parts. We walked around and scoped some stuff out, one brand I’m interested in investigating a little more ‘sweat shop’, makes some super rad sissy bar bags! Afterwards, we grabbed some brunch at Denny’s with the gals and headed home.


This sale is definitely on the ‘to do’ list for next year again.

Get there early to get must-have items.

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