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The dreaded words every girl says she hates and sends any man within earshot running.

We, as women swear it off, yet somehow it always rears its ugly head. You know why? ’cause we put ourselves in compromising situations, we’re always trying to be accepting of others, and let’s just face the facts — YOU’RE JUST NOT GOING TO GET ALONG WITH EVERY WOMAN YOU MEET.

That phrase, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” FUCK THAT. That’s where the drama comes from! Whenever you keep people in your life who you don’t actually like or even people who you feel mediocre about, there’s probably going to be some kind of drama.

Why do we as ladies continue to keep these people around?

Perhaps it’s because it’s fucking hard to make friends as adults. We are always trying to find reasons to like people and make friends with someone. And then, there’s always those ones that sneak in, and you think you like them and thennnnn you get to know them and you’re like, “oh shit, what have I done.”

Here’s where things go south, being part of large groups, having alternative interests like motorcycles and cars, as a female, you want to feel like every other female who shares your interest and enthusiasm is your sister, is your friend.


Just because we both ride doesn’t mean we’re friends. It doesn’t mean we have shit else in common. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, that you’re just not going to get along with everyone and we DON’T all have to be friends, but this very problem has done some serious damage to my proverbial ‘tribe,’ irreparable damage in fact.

With every dramatic experience, a group of girls experiences there comes a lesson. More often than not, the lesson inevitably makes the survivors stronger.

Today’s Takeaway

Fuck drama.

Fuck your enemies and always protect your tribe!

Damn right you should be selective who you hang out with, who gives a shit if you seem like a bitch, if it seems like you’re being exclusive, that’s how you avoid the bad seeds.

Being a woman is hard, that petty middle school drama isn’t really so middle school, it’s actually just a fact of life that will follow you everywhere. It’s enough to deal with at work, in your family or home life, don’t let it ruin friendships and things you love  — like riding.

Let’s do each other a favor though, call it respect, don’t get butt hurt, or catty when we just don’t connect on that friendship level, just because we share 1 common interest doesn’t mean we have to be friends. Let’s just choose to respect each other’s presence in a community that is small, where word spreads fast and we are bound to run into each other.

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