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Yo, 2017, WHAT’S GOOD?!

I’m so pumped we can finally be alone — now that 2016 has gone and fucked right off.

This year is going to be the most dope.

What To Expect in 2017

Us dolls have a lot of ideas and “stuff” in store for this year. Here’s a little sneak peak at what’s on the agenda.

Site updates – We’ll not only be coming at you with some more trashy writing, but we’re going to expand our content base (cuz you just can’t stay away). Look out for podcasts, videos, live feeds of cools shit and a selection of carefully curated moto-related goods.

Rides and Recaps – We got that adventure fever. We’ll be keeping you posted on our travels throughout the year. You can find us riding around Southern California and other parts of the country, camping, hitting up moto events and maybe even vending here and there.

Sleazy Swag – Probs gonna slap our logo on a few dope items and throw em’ up on the site. Feeling sleazy? Us too.

Motorcycle Build(s) – We’ve got at least one bike project coming your way. It’s gonna be sick nasty (mostly nasty), but you can watch us fuck up all year long (go ahead, splurge on the jumbo-size bag of popcorn).

Dirty Jokes and Inappropriate Stories – Or else we wouldn’t be sleazy, ya feel me?

Don’t Miss The Shitshow

We do NOT want you to miss any of this and we want to hear from you along the way. So give us a follow, won’t you?

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