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Kernville Kampout, what can I say?

Definitely had a blast, definitely recommend.

The Gist of My Experience

This is only my second sponsored/hosted camping event I’ve attended, the other being Babes Ride Out 4. In comparison I liked the co-ed vibe, there were a lot more men than women but still a solid female turnout for sure, otherwise I loved how accommodating they were. For example,  when we arrived they helped get gear from our follow car and even dropped them off with a case of water bottles! Throughout the entire weekend, they drove around the campground giving away FREE firewood!

Like what?

I’m currently not drinking so I can’t speak for the free booze but I noticed it didn’t seem to “run out” before they cut it off at 10 pm (I believe).

Overall I preferred this event to my experience with BRO but don’t have anything bad to say about the BRO events because I think they are organized and executed great too!

The Road to Kernville

This was my first time riding to this part of California so I was anxious all week leading up (which isn’t new for me I also do that!) ha!

Once we made it off the freeway and onto the 395 the roads were amazing, high desert one lane highway lined with Joshua Trees… totally beautiful and a perfect example of why I ride.

If you want a laugh, maybe a scare — stop in Johannesburg, Ca for gas, it’s a little ‘The Hills have eyes’ ish… riding through these little towns I always wonder how anyone can live there?!?

I guess that’s just my spoiled San Diegan self-speaking though.

Once you hit the 178 the desert hits the mountains, the temperature starts to drop, wind picks up a little and the twisties start up — definitely not the most technically difficult roads I’ve been on but still a fun welcome change from the straight long roads through the desert. Like most of our trips we didn’t leave on time and probably took too long every stop we made. A little battery hiccup didn’t help our case, so we made it into camp just as the sun was going down — which made for a fun tent set up in the dark!

But Like Everything, There’s Always Something

One thing I really appreciated at this event was how friendly everyone was! Once we set up camp our neighbors came over and introduced themselves and invited us to their fire! Personally, I spent the majority of my time at the campsite, being sober is a weird thing for me — I’ve always been a heavy social drinker — and probably use it as a bit of a security blanket when my introverted tendencies start kicking in, so I didn’t really feel up for being social and bands etc. but there was plenty going on at the campsites.

One notable difference being at a co-ed event was the inevitable male ego…

Saturday night saw groups battling it out for the loudest revving engine which went on for seemingly all night, despite the organizers trying to squash it.

Then the battle of the shitty music standoff.

This was all not to be outshined by the only real unpleasant experience I had at camp. I was alone at the campsite (the rest of my group was at the main ‘party’ area), the only female, when a man easily in his late 30s stumbles over and exclaims “The hot chicks left!”… ok ok whatever I’m standing right here but that’s whatever had he left it at that I wouldn’t have cared… but no… he proceeded:

“Ah man I’m trying to get some… blah blah… fuck whoever started women’s rights… blah blah… we’re just gonna find them and club them over the head and drag them back to my tent… blah blah”

Said rant goes on for easily 5-10 minutes, all the while I’m standing there… listening to this yokel wondering what makes it ok for him to say that bullshit right in front of me… cool bro, am I invisible?

Would you say that in front of other women?

Am I just not someone you want to club over the head so it doesn’t matter if I hear your caveman rant to ruin your “chances”?

Just real fuckin gross behavior, that unfortunately were conditioned to go — “well that’s just men being men, or what do you expect at a biker event”?

I’m disappointed in myself for not saying shit but I was alone and uncomfortable to an extent as it is and just didn’t want to have that battle right then.

Aside from that, the trip was AMAZING, I’m still depressed to be back at work, and I will absolutely be going back next year!!!

Next year we will get our shit together and make it up to the trail of 100 giants!

So now what??? The planning for El Diablo Run! Who is going to EDR this year? Who has been in the past? Any tips? Advice? Stories to share?

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