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There are some things you come across in the world of motorcycling that once you start using, you can’t stop. You know those simple things that are a TOTAL game changer and you can’t even imagine riding without it ever again?

Finally connecting a Bluetooth device to my helmet was one of those things.

For years, I rode with a pair of uncomfortable headphones slammed into my ears and secured in place by a bandana.

It wasn’t the greatest solution, unless you know, you’re into the wind catching the headphone cable, getting it stuck on your zipper, and subsequently pulling the earbuds out of your ear holes.

Talk about comfort.

Choosing a Device Part 1

When I bought my first Bluetooth device, I went solely off the recommendation of a handful of friends. I purchased the Sena SMH10R. Immediately, I fell in love.


It was a miracle.

I also road pretty consistently with a small group of people, all of which who had the same device. I loved that it was relatively easy to sync everyone up. I had no REAL complaints until the device was about a year and a half old. On the ride home from Sturgis, it pretty much just stopped working for me. It wouldn’t hold a charge and just kinda fell apart.

But this isn’t about Sena, it’s about what happened next.

Choosing a Device Part 2

Much like choosing the first device, I again turned to friends. I posted on Facebook and Instagram, but found that most of my immediate connections were also using Senas.

Shortly after posting an Instagram Story, wondering if anyone had yet tried Lexin, I heard from the company directly. They immediately inquired about what I was unhappy with and sent me over the LX-FT4 to test out.

Transitioning to a New Device

I figured there would be a bit of a learning curve going from a Sena to a Lexin. I installed the Lexin and went out on my first ride without even looking at the easy-to-follow instruction sheet.

While I’m a tech-savvy person, I’m not the most intuitive when it comes to Bluetooth devices with multiple controls. 😂😂😂

I was actually amazed at how quickly I picked up controlling/navigating the LX-FT4.

Here’s a quick overview of the biggest highlights:

  • Quick and responsive customer service (huge deal in my book).
  • Long product use time (10-15 hours) and came fully charged.
  • Larger buttons making it super easy to press, hold, navigate while riding.
  • Play/pause used to drive me nuts on my Sena, super easy on this device.
  • SUPER easy pairing settings.
  • FM radio (kinda fun in random towns).
  • Water resistant.
  • Sound quality — this was hands down the biggest difference I noticed. A solid increase in quality and volume when compared to my previous device.
  • Different speakers for whatever floats your boat. I can’t say that my Sena didn’t come with different speakers (I honestly don’t remember), but I didn’t the speaker pads this go around and it was way more comfortable for long rides. The way I previously had things set up, the speakers would always end up pressing into my ears. This was probably user error and could have been adjusted had I just moved the speakers. 🤷‍♀
  • Weird thing to note, but I also like the style of charging cable this unit came with. Because it’s curved, it feels easier to put into place and actually stay in place. 


  • This is mostly user error, but I always turn the jog dial the opposite way to adjust volume and find the “beep” when you’re at top volume to be really annoying.
  • In pretty intense wind, the jog dial would rub on my jacket which would then adjust volume.  (note: again, user issue as this is likely more of a helmet/jacket problem)
  • The cover on charging port randomly flips open when riding.

Final Conclusion

Overall, I ‘m super happy with this transition. I can’t wait to get a few more miles on my bike with this device. I also want to extend my note above on customer service. The first unit I was sent ended up having a charging issue. I message Lexin back on Instagram only (no additional calls or emails sent) and they immediately sent me a new device. There was no long wait, no calling a specific department, or even a need to send the other device back first. I was riding without a Bluetooth for only a matter of a few days.

I’m super grateful to have been able to test out this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new Bluetooth setup.

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