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The other night Kimmie and I went to go see Stevie Nicks at Viejas Arena in San Diego. I need to start this off by saying that I’ve never seen Stevie Nicks live before. Kimmie has seen her multiple times, but me, I’m a virgin (this time I mean it). Some real weird shit went down at this show that has left me confused for a few days.

There’s one question swirling in my head …

Is Stevie Nicks Bat Shit Crazy or a Total Fraud?

Stevie is super famous. You ever hear of this band Fleetwood Mac? I shit you not, she was part of that band! I know, I know, that would make her about 100 years old, and there’s no way she’s still headlining arena shows. But my friends, I’m here to tell you, she is. I’ve got another lil secret for you, please keep this between us — she actually looks younger than me. It’s totally freaky. So that leads me to my first point. STEVIE, HOW DO YOU LOOK SO YOUNG? What is this? Some sort of witchcraft? Are you a vampire? WHERE IS THIS HIDDEN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? *

Anyway, she’s got this cult-like following. You know the types — hippie-ish ladies reveling and reminiscing about their youth, and Coachella attendees. Within minutes of arriving, I realized I didn’t get the poncho / cape memo. I didn’t even wear a friggen crop top. I’m an idiot. I get it.

We get to our seats in time to watch The Pretenders finish their set. I was pumped even tho I wasn’t dressed appropriately. Let the show begin!

Stevie came out in exactly what I imagined she would wear — black heels, black dress and a motha fuckin’ cape. She could have dropped the mic right then and there. Stevie, you win at life. Kimmie later informed me that she wears this at every show. Like since the dawn of time. I was oddly inspired to throw away 3/4 of my wardrobe after that.

The show started with Stevie giving some backstory on her career and asking us to come on this journey with her. Admittedly, it was kind of cheesy, but I loved it. Between each song, she told us a little about herself, her life and her career. From a marketing standpoint, I thought this was absolutely genius! Doing this would help her fans get to know her, understand her life and she would ultimately emerge the hero at the end who we all love and adore.

It wasn’t that well executed.

You see, these stories felt fake AF. 

There are three examples that stand out vividly to me.

  1. Her reference to Prince. There were a few references to prince throughout the show. I think the line at one point was something like “When I get scared, I talk to Prince and he walks with me.” Ok lady. Same, SAME. Is this real? Did you have an actual relationship with him? Or are you just playing off his death?
  2. New Orleans the song and the story. Stevie played her song New Orleans and told the story of how she wrote it. But why tho? Were you really actually that impacted by Hurricane Katrina? Or are you just trying to reach a new audience?
  3. Twilight. When she played Moonlight, the crowd seemed kind of mehhh. Obviously not a super popular song. When she explained why she played it, she told the story of how she read the Twilight series and at what point had her own Edward. Um, WHAT?

The last one really threw me. It’s ultimately what lead me to believe that really, Stevie Nicks is just bat shit crazy.

Either way the dice rolls on this one, I left feeling oddly inspired. I felt like I could do anything. Like my goals for 2017 aren’t completely unachievable. Like this is my damn life and I’m in the damn driver’s seat. So for that, regardless of who you really are Stevie, I want to say thank you. Thank you for a wonderful show. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for being you (I hope that was really you).


*Questions asked while plucking gray hairs from skull

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