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The Dolls

We’re often asked the question “What are Sleaze Dolls?” or “Who are the Sleaze Dolls?”

Sleaze Dolls is a group of women with a passion for motorcycles. We are not a club or riding group, but we are women who love all things riding. We come from various skill levels and parts of the US.

This website is a forum for all women who love to do the same. Here you’ll find articles, audio, and video about riding, bike maintenance, and much more.

To us, sleazy isn’t derogatory it’s quite the contrary! Sleazy is covered in grease working on your bike. Sleazy is drenched in sweat after a ride through the desert. Sleazy is motorcycle bliss.

Founding Doll



Founding Doll



Contributing Dolls

These are the Dolls that produce the blogs, audio, and video you’ll find here. We only accept contributions from women who provide real value to our community. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Sleaze Dolls, send an email to


Courtney is the bad ass creative genius behind the Sleaze Dolls logo and branding. She helped bring the vision to life and make it better than we could have imagined. She’s the OG Sleaze Dolls contributor. Learn more about Court and her work at


Sophie is responsible for the stunning photos on this site. She’s put that camera to work in Joshua Tree, CA and Milwaukee, WI. Without her, we’re 100% sure the photography on this site would be reminiscent of 3-year old with a flip phone. Contact Sophie to learn more about her work. 




Phoenix, AZ

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